2017 Benefit for Avery’s Law

July 29th, 2017 will be one year from the date of the assault against Avery. In her memory and in the aid of abused children in the State of Ohio. We are holding a benefit to support Avery’s Law. The benefit will be held at Blue Bell Beach Entertainment Complex located at 7958 Harrison Ave, Cleves, Ohio 45002. At 7pm to Midnight. For more information on the benefit please contact: Debbi Connelly at 513-582-3485

Avery’s Law which is in the hands of a local party of the House of Representatives are laws to change the reunification process in child abuse cases handled by Jobs and Family Services and to promote new laws in self protection of a child. We are in great need of a change. Had these laws been in place during Avery’s life she would have been protected in a way that may have saved her life. Through her death may come salvation for others. Though we may not have all the answers and these laws may not be the exact solution. It is a start. We all begin somewhere. If you believe that children need a change in the way that we as a society protects them. Stand with us on the this date. Let us be united in a fight to protect our youth, our future. Be the voice of a child that can speak no more.