Avery’s Biography

My name is Tammy Risen. I was Avery’s grandmother and caregiver for almost her entire life. Before her death, I started writing her story with the hope that it might change her circumstances. I was writing the biography based on Avery’s life in July of 2016. Little did I know that what I feared most would happen on July 29th, 2016, and that her life would end on August 1st, 2016. Since her death, I threw away that book and started over from scratch. The way I see things has changed so much and I need to write her story with the emotions that I have, not the hope I once held.

A childhood friend of mine is a publicist and she hopes to publish this once it is completed. The biography is being edited by a dear friend. I decided to post a snippet of our lives with Avery. A glimpse into our world.

Avery’s life story needs to be written to aid other children like her. I pray that her story may change the outlook of their future.

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Chapter 3: Part 1: Time of the Hopeless

As we entered into 2013, we could never have imagined all that we would face or all that we would lose. In our future we would be challenged in the justice system. We would face the devil itself and we would forfeit everything, including who we use to be. We would never be the same. We would never laugh with true happiness. We would never smile with sincerity. We would never feel a sense of contentment. The lives we had known, the future we were trying to build, was just a broken dream.

For we have life but we do not live, especially when everything you love is gone. A broken heart, a truly destructed vessel that empties your souls is an unexplained entity. No words could ever express that loneliness. Even when you are not alone. It is not for the ones who have parted but for those that remain. Standing among this hell on earth I look to heaven with envy.

Tammy E. Risen


“Blue Hope” by Tammy E. Risen


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