News & Current Events

As of January 2020 Britney Roll Mayes plead guilty to one count of Aggravated Murder. She immediately received a twenty year to life sentence. In 16 years the family will have to go before a parole board every two years to keep Mayes behind bars.

In January, Britney Roll Mayes filed an Appeal. It is still pending process.

In April, Tammy E. Risen has added a private page to this site to correspond to an up and coming book to be released early summer.

In April, Tammy E. Risen released a new version for law change on change. org that will go the Ohio Attorney General.

In April, Tammy E. Risen has released a blog on Facebook under IStand4Children. It is a web page that all people can join to write their stories of their involvement with social services.

November 2019, Channel 12 News/ Duane Pohlmann released a two part series for Avery that won them an outstanding award. Please follow for updates.