Avery “Cupcake” Hobbs was four years old. She was murdered months before her fifth birthday.

Before this tragedy, Jonathan and Tammy Risen were the appointed guardians from three and a half weeks old until near her fourth birthday. In addition to the Risen’s, the Hobbs and Williams families were highly involved in her life as they aided in raising her to be a wonderfully adjusted toddler. She was a happy, healthy and brilliant child.

Unfortunately, county and court appointed individuals convinced the courts that Avery’s mother was capable and mentally stable enough to regain custody. She was removed from her custody a second time for the same issue, but once again was reunited with her Mother.

On July 29th Avery suffered a severe assault that resulted in her death on August 1st, 2016. Her death was found to be a homicide and her mother was charged in her murder. Her mother plead guilty and admitted she murdered Avery receiving a twenty year sentence..

A story of her life in its entirety is being written by Tammy Risen and will be published early summer of 2020.


UPDATE: September, 2018


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Avery was born September 22nd, 2011. A few short weeks after she was born she was taken to the hospital with substantial injuries which included a skull fracture from an injury sustained in a bath tub. Avery was placed with my family (the Risen’s) the day after these injuries and remained in our home until mid May of 2015. The Hamilton County Courts and Jobs and Family Services worked with Avery’s mother to reunite them both. As I can not speak in depth about the case I can tell you that Avery was a very loving and intelligent child. She was old beyond her years. She had a deep understanding of her surroundings.

Avery was the bravest little girl I knew. She accepted things that no child should. She was strong but on August 1st of 2016 Avery died in the early afternoon from critical injuries while in her mother’s care. Her mother was arrested August 10th, 2016 and later charged with three counts of murder and endangerment.

Avery was loved very much by our family and although she resided with my husband and myself, she had many people in this family that took care of her continually through her life. They loved her and fought for her as we did.

Part of Avery’s story has been told on local news channels in Cincinnati. Channels 9, 5, 12, 19 and 64. Her story has been written in newspapers such as the Enquirer. It unfortunately comes too late. A child’s such as Avery always comes too late.

In the summer of 2016 I started to write her biography. I did so with hopes that it may shed light on her case but it too has become too late. My intentions are to finish that biography, though the ending is what I fear most.

To parents, grandparents and caregivers of children. Let me express that there is no pain that could ever compare to this. In days, months and maybe years. You will learn more about Avery. You will learn about the little girl we loved so much and we pray through her death we may change certain aspects of the way children are being taken care of by persons put in place to do so.

We have a long road a head of us. Many battles. We do not get to bury our child and move on. We will relive this horrific time for all eternity.

This memorial web site is a small step in keeping Avery “Cupcake” Hobbs memory alive and for those that wonder about her name. A year ago during a visit with Avery she was very confused about who she was. She was being told that she was not a Hobbs. She was saddened and upset. She asked me who she was. Saying ” Mama, who am I?” I asked her who she wanted to be. She replied “Mama, I want to be your cupcake, I want to be your baby forever”. I told her that “Cupcake” was her name. Avery “Cupcake” Hobbs and that she will be our baby forever. If you asked her who she was. She would reply confidentially, “I am Cupcake!”

A name may not mean much to some. In Avery’s life. Everything she loved was taken away and her name was her only connection to those she loved dearly. It was the only thing she could hold on to. A little factor that kept her strong, so she could keep moving forward one day at a time so that she could be near the people she loved. She was proud to be a Hobbs. She was proud to be her father’s daughter. She was proud to be my Cupcake & her Pappy’s dear. To run around the town with her Papa & Nana. To be her Uncle Tot’s and Aunt Gigi’s  “Little Ry~Ry”. Just a name. It was her world & it is our intentions that no one will every forget her.

Tammy Risen

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Book Information

In The Best Interest Of A Child

  Tammy E Risen

                                                                    Copyright 2020

It is an in-depth look inside the murder of an abused child that was under the care of social services.

The book has two sections.

Chapter 1-6 is unfolding the story of this child’s life.

Chapter 7 & 8 is evidence and conclusions.

Names and locations have been modified for people’s privacy and protection.

To purchase the book and have access to the evidence page on this website, please go to:


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News & Current Events

As of January 2020 Britney Roll Mayes plead guilty to one count of Aggravated Murder. She immediately received a twenty year to life sentence. In 16 years the family will have to go before a parole board every two years to keep Mayes behind bars.

In January, Britney Roll Mayes filed an Appeal. It is still pending process.

In April, Tammy E. Risen has added a private page to this site to correspond to an up and coming book to be released early summer.

In April, Tammy E. Risen released a new version for law change on change. org that will go the Ohio Attorney General.

In April, Tammy E. Risen has released a blog on Facebook under IStand4Children. It is a web page that all people can join to write their stories of their involvement with social services.

November 2019, Channel 12 News/ Duane Pohlmann released a two part series for Avery that won them an outstanding award. Please follow for updates.

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