Avery “Cupcake” Hobbs was four years old. She was murdered months before her fifth birthday.

Before this tragedy, Jonathan and Tammy Risen were the appointed guardians from three and a half weeks old until near her fourth birthday. In addition to the Risens, the Hobbs and Williams families were highly involved in her life as they aided in raising her to be a wonderfully adjusted toddler. She was a happy, healthy and brilliant child.

Unfortunately, county and court appointed individuals convinced the courts that Avery’s mother was capable and mentally stable enough to regain custody. She was removed from her custody a second time for the same issue, but once again was reunited with her Mother.

On July 29th Avery suffered a severe assault that resulted in her death on August 1st, 2016. Her death was found to be a homicide and her mother was charged in her murder. Her mother is awaiting trial in Hamilton County, Ohio. Avery is waiting for justice to be served. Until then. A story of her life in its entirety is being written by Tammy Risen and will be published upon the closure of the trial proceedings. Justice 4 Avery. Always.

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Avery was born Septemeber 22nd, 2011. A few short weeks after she was born she was taken to the hospital with substantial injuries which included a skull fracture from an injury sustained in a bath tub. Avery was placed with my family (the Risens) the day after these injuries and remained in our home until mid May of 2015. The Hamilton County Courts and Jobs and Family Services worked with Avery’s mother to reunite them both. As I can not speak in depth about the case I can tell you that Avery was a very loving and intelligent child. She was old beyond her years. She had a deep understanding of her surroundings.

Avery was the bravest little girl I knew. She accepted things that no child should. She was strong but on August 1st of 2016 Avery died in the early afternoon from critical injuries while in her mother’s care. Her mother was arrested August 10th, 2016 and later charged with three counts of murder and endangerment.

Avery was loved very much by our family and although she resided with my husband and myself, she had many people in this family that took care of her continually through her life. They loved her and fought for her as we did.

Part of Avery’s story has been told on local news channels in Cincinnati. Channels 9, 5, 12, 19 and 64. Her story has been written in newspapers such as the Enquirer. It unfortunately comes too late. A child’s such as Avery always comes too late.

In the summer of 2016 I started to write her biography. I did so with hopes that it may shed light on her case but it too has become too late. My intentions are to finish that biography, though the ending is what I fear most.

To parents, grandparents and caregivers of children. Let me express that there is no pain that could ever compare to this. In days, months and maybe years. You will learn more about Avery. You will learn about the little girl we loved so much and we pray through her death we may change certain aspects of the way children are being taken care of by persons put in place to do so.

We have a long road a head of us. Many battles. We do not get to bury our child and move on. We will relive this horrific time for all eternity.

This memorial web site is a small step in keeping Avery “Cupcake” Hobbs memory alive and for those that wonder about her name. A year ago during a visit with Avery she was very confused about who she was. She was being told that she was not a Hobbs. She was saddened and upset. She asked me who she was. Saying ” Mama, who am I?” I asked her who she wanted to be. She replied “Mama, I want to be your cupcake, I want to be your baby forever”. I told her that “Cupcake” was her name. Avery “Cupcake” Hobbs and that she will be our baby forever. If you asked her who she was. She would reply confidentially, “I am Cupcake!”

A name may not mean much to some. In Avery’s life. Everything she loved was taken away and her name was her only connection to those she loved dearly. It was the only thing she could hold on to. A little factor that kept her strong, so she could keep moving forward one day at a time so that she could be near the people she loved. She was proud to be a Hobbs. She was proud to be her father’s daughter. She was proud to be my Cupcake & her Pappy’s dear. To run around the town with her Papa & Nana. To be her Uncle Tot’s and Aunt Gigi’s  “Little Ry~Ry”. Just a name. It was her world & it is our intentions that no one will every forget her.

Tammy Risen

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Our Mission

The story of Avery reaches far beyond her life. We are seeking to advocate for the rights of foster parents and grand parents in cases where birth parents have been found to abuse their own children.

We have a petition for the State of Ohio to enact “Avery’s Law” in order to to alter the reunification process, the rights to protect and children’s self protection laws. Please use the link below the sign our petition.


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News & Current Events


September 22 marks the 7th birthday of Avery. This is not a benefit but a gathering

of people who loved Avery and support a child’s right to an abuse free life.

Avery loved music. She loved playing music with her grandparents. She loved people.

Mr. and Mrs. Risen will be playing with their band Side Track at Blue Bell Beach on

Harrison Ave. in Cleves, Ohio on September 22nd.  9pm to 1am.

Avery played with Side Track and sang her favorite song with them on many occasions.

She will be with us in spirit.


Fall of 2018 Update:

It has been two years since loosing Avery to a heinous crime that was highly preventable.

Avery’s & her family is still awaiting justice.

The trial of the State of Ohio verses Britney Mayes is set to begin November 26th of 2018.

This trial has been moved multiple times.

We pray for all involved that the trial of Avery’s murder begins on this scheduled date.


A year after Avery’s death, a civil complaint was filed. Against persons that had full

knowledge and abilities to spare Avery of not only her death but the abuse and

torture she endured.


In later 2018, those dreams of holding said persons responsible for their actions

or lack of actions may never be realized.  Certain entities and their employed

personnel are protected by way of immunity.  It is better known as

“The King can do no Wrong”!


This law may have beneficial at the time for the author who penned it but in

modern society it protects persons from prosecution and certainly from any

criminal charges or investigations. It is a way that not only do we have Kings

but we are promoting God’s. Power. Vindications of actions that would be

punishable to the average man.


Though the quest for justice in both cases are not settled at this time.


I can only ask, Who is responsible?

The mother who brutalized her child to death? Certainly and undoubted.

This monster is the ultimate cause of a lifeless child that she born.

Who else is responsible? 

Case example: 

You are at a party. You are all drinking. Your friend wants to go to the store to

pick up something. Your friend is drunk. Your friend asks you for the keys to

your car. You know this person is drunk. A risk. Yet, You willingly hand

them your keys. That friend ends up killing a child with that vehicle.

Who is responsible?

The drunk who is driving? Yes.

Who else? The person that gave them the keys!


“Any child given back to a proven child abuser where that child not only has been

abused once but multiple times. A  parent that was imprisoned for previous abuse

and the  child was removed more than once due to abuse. That parent under many

allegations of abuse from many resources. That child dies from that abuse. 

Isn’t it much like handing keys to a drunk. You knew the outcome. You knew the risks.

You seen what was evident but You did it anyway”. 


The difference!

Both the drunk and the owner of the car would be charged and held by their own negligence.

The persons with knowledge of ongoing and visible abuse has zero culpability.


Fair? Certainly not.

It is legalized assisted murder of abused children by way of endangerment and neglect. 

Any other conclusion is unacceptable!



2017 Benefit for Avery’s Law


July 29th, 2017 will be one year from the date of the assault against Avery. In her memory and in the aid of abused children in the State of Ohio. We are holding a benefit to support Avery’s Law. The benefit will be held at Blue Bell Beach Entertainment Complex located at 7958 Harrison Ave, Cleves, Ohio 45002. At 7pm to Midnight. For more information on the benefit please contact: Debbi Connelly at 513-582-3485

Avery’s Law which is in the hands of a local party of the House of Representatives are laws to change the reunification process in child abuse cases handled by Jobs and Family Services and to promote new laws in self protection of a child. We are in great need of a change. Had these laws been in place during Avery’s life she would have been protected in a way that may have saved her life. Through her death may come salvation for others. Though we may not have all the answers and these laws may not be the exact solution. It is a start. We all begin somewhere. If you believe that children need a change in the way that we as a society protects them. Stand with us on the this date. Let us be united in a fight to protect our youth, our future. Be the voice of a child that can speak no more.




March and April we are holding a bunny drive to aid in the upcoming benefits for Avery’s law. Stuffed bunnies will be sold. Either you can keep your bunny or you may donate it back to abused children in need.

Avery's Bunnies

July 29th 2017 at Blue Bell Beach Entertainment Complex we’ll be having a benefit for upholding Avery’s Law.

More details will be on the Bluebell Beach website.

Thanks everyone who came out to Another Bar on October 2, 2016 for the Avery Hobbs Memorial Fund Benefit Show.

benefit show - diaz brothers bandbenefit show - another barbenefit show - angie singingbenefit show - 11 w tammy

October 2nd, 2016

Not long after Avery would have turned 5, we will be holding a benefit in her honor. These funds will go towards her memorial and legal fees.

The benefit will be held at Another Bar and Grill Sunday Oct. 2nd at 250 S. Miami Ave. Cleves, Ohio from 4pm – 8pm. The bands Eleven and the Diaz Brothers provide live music during the benefit.

Download the Benefit Flyer for more details or to share with others.

Any donation would be appreciated and we welcome you to come join our benefit.

Any monitory donation can be made through 5/3 Bank under the Avery Hobbs Memorial Fund or to Mainsource Bank under the same.

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The family of Avery Hobbs is seeking to honor her memory.

Any donation would be appreciated and we welcome you to come join our benefit. Any funds gifted to the memory of Avery will be used towards any remaining final expenses, memorial funds, legal fees and relief.

Avery’s Bench was purchased October of 2016 thanks to donations.

Contact Debbi Connelly @ 513-582-3485.

Online donations can be made through Paypal. The funds go directly to the family of Avery Hobbs.


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Any monitory donation can be made by contacting Debbi Connelly or submitting an email below.

Thank you for your assistance,

Debbi Connelly