Welcome to Justice4Avery.org.

This site is a dedication to the memory of Avery Cupcake Hobbs and other child victims of abuse. Children who at one time were under the care of Child Protection where that protection failed.

Within these pages, you will discover a social media site, media, news, law petitions, literature, & the story of the life & murder of Avery Cupcake Hobbs.

This site is the gateway to your voice. It is a chance for you to be heard. It is a chance for you to help make a difference in an abused child’s life.



Within these pages:

Dedications to children who have lost their lives because people of power ignored their cries for help.

A Social Media group dedicated to those who believe that silenced children deserve a voice.

Petitions for law to aid & pave the way to a safer & an abuse free future for children of the sytem.

Together we are strong!