Taboo Logic

Changing the logic that men are the common killers of children!

T. Risen
The Taboo Subject of Maternal Filicide.

Through research, I have discovered the following:

*According to Dr. Phillip Resnick in 2021. 68% mothers who kill their children are sent to mental hospitals, 27% are sent to prison; when fathers kill their children, 72% go to prison and only 14% are hospitalized.

*The US Department of Justice study found in 1997 that children under the age of eight are more likely to be killed by their mothers, while those eight and older are likelier to be killed by their fathers. Throughout childhood, sons are more likely to be killed than daughters. Currently, those statistics have changed.

*According to Brown University in 2014, over 500 children were murdered by filicide each year. 72% being under the age of six with 1/3 of that number being infants.  


  Yet, it is taboo to believe women of sound mind kill.

 Furthermore, why do women earn a privilege over men? In custody and in murder?

Maybe the following list may change the minds of those who still are in disbelief! Just a sample of the notorious women who heinously murdered their children. Yet, a percentage of these woman were found NOT guilty by reasons of insanity or other means. Fair? I think not! They were mere excuses to accept & exonerate the crimes committed by mothers.

Below is a sample list of notorious women who caused the death of their children, yet a percentage were found not guilty by insanity and other means.

  • Britney Mayes of Cincinnati, Ohio 2016: Murder by torture
  • Andrea Bradley of Cincinnati, Ohio 2015: Murder by abuse
  • Deasia Watkins of Cincinnati, Ohio 2015: Murder by dismemberment, infant.
  • Anna Ritchie of Warren, Ohio 2016: Murder by scalding
  • China Arnold of Dayton, Ohio 2005: Murder by microwaving, infant.
  • Brittany Pilkington of Ohio 2015: Murder by smothering, 3 children.
  • Kia Ferguson of Mentor, Ohio 2019: Murder by intentional vehicular homicide
  • Christina Miracle of Clermont, Ohio 2012: Murder by Assault/religious ceremony
  • Brittany Gosning of Ohio 2021: Murder by assault, 1 child.
  • Brooke Skylar of Cincinnati, Ohio 2017: Negligence, 1 child.
  • Casey Anthony of Florida 2008: Murder by overdosing, 1 child
  • Kenisha Berry of Texas 1998: Murder by suffocation, infant.
  • Susan Smith of South Carolina 1994: Murder by drowning, 2 children.
  • Diane Downs of Oregon 1983: Murder by gunfire, 7-year-old child.
  • Brenda Drayton of Flint, Michigan 1994: Murder by strangulation, infant.
  • Shaquan Duley of South Carolina 2010: Murdered 2 by suffocation/strangulation
  • Dora Luz Durenrostro of California 1994: Murder by stabbing, 3 children.
  • Megan Huntsman of Utah 1996-2006: Murdered 6 newborn children.
  • April Weber of Brookville, Indiana 2002: Murder by assault, 1 infant.
  • Claire Biggs of Pennsylvania 2009: Murder by torture, 1 infant.
  • Nicole Kelly of N.Y. 2014: Murder, 1 infant.
  • Susan Eubanks of California 1999: Murder by gunfire, 4 children.
  • Judy Kirby of Indiana 2000: Murder by vehicular homicide, 7 dead with 1 adult.
  • Jeanette Hawes of Georgia 2009: Murder by stabbing, 2 children.
  • Debra Jenner-Tyler of South Dakota 1987: Murder by stabbing, 3-year-old child.
  • Michelle Kehoe of Iowa 2006: Murder by slitting throat, 2 children, 1 survived.
  • Deanna Laney of N.Y. 2003/2004: Murdered by Assault, 2 children, 1 survivor.
  • Frances Newton of Houston, Texas 1987: Murder by gunfire, 2 children/1 adult.
  • Robin Lee Row of Idaho 1980-1992: Murder by fire. 3 children/1 adult.
  • Deena Schlosser of Texas 2004: Murder by dismemberment, 1 child.
  • Marybeth Tinning of Utah ?-1985: Murder by cruelty, 9 children.
  • Andrea Yates of Texas 2001: Murder by manual drowning, 5 children.
  • Christina Treadway of North Carolina 2018: Murder by Assault, 2 children.
  • Christina Collado of Milwaukee 2020: Murder by neglect, 1 child.
  • Christina Booth of Washington 2015: Murder by knife, 3 children.
  • Lindsey Lowe of Tennessee 2011: Murder by suffocation, 2 newborns
  • Kay Yang of North Carolina 2011: Murder by microwaving infant, 1 infant.
  • Frances Newton of Texas 1987: Murder by gunfire, 2children/1 adult
  • Stacy Parsons of Texas 2014: Murder by assault, 1 child.
  • Alexandria Tobias of Florida 2010: Murder by shaking, 1 infant
  • Aubrianne Moore of Michigan 2019: Murder/Suicide, 3 children/self by gunfire.
  • Jennifer & Sarah Hart of California 2018: Murder/Suicide by drugging/vehicular homicide. 6 children.

Notable mentions:

Alma McAninch: 5 children dead . Tracey Shaw: 4 children dead . Elizabeth Gregor: 6 children dead . Frances Newton: 3 children dead . Autumn Hallow / Corey Micciolo

Do you believe now?

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