“The Power in the Defense of Abused Children is Knowledge!”

T. Risen

Developing Essential Advocate Restoration for those in care of abused children.

#ISTAND4ABUSEDCHILDREN/D.E.A.R social gathering is to discuss the subject of abused children that have had involvement with child protection services where that service and the courts have failed that child & how we can advocate for change.

Below is information why an organization such as D.E.A.R. would be vital.

The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) estimated that approximately 1,840 children died from abuse and neglect in 2019. That number rose by an estimated 120 in a two-year span.

The federal Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities (CECANF) indicated in its 2017 final report that NCANDS data does not fully reflect an accurate number of child abuse fatalities. This Commission recommends significant reforms. That would include improved data collection and interagency collaboration, increased funding to child welfare programs, and the development of a standard definition of child abuse related death.

According to Sherrod Brown’s website as of May of 21, The Child Abuse Death Disclosure Act would:

This does not encapsulate the entire structure Brown displayed but one basis would require states to develop a team to annually examine the circumstances of all child abuse-related deaths and report information to the National Center for review to aid in prevention.

Any action taken by any individual, angency, and or state would aid in the prevention of these deaths. With that said, children are not numeric data. They are people & their stories need to be told and recorded from a different perspective. They need to record information given by those who tried to save them.

Any one can write anything on paper. That does not make it true. Therefore, you can only hold so much belief in that documentation. Because numbers are the only thing they have.

Did this child die? How did this child die? Those are great questions, but we need to know by what means did this child die?

D.E.A.R. would be an excellent resource to collect that information & possibly be the right type of prevention these organizations need.

This group is currently an online social media group that hopes to evolve into a non-profit organization to provide education & resources for those in care of abused children. A non-profit that would be in the design of Developing new policies within Child Protection Services. To provide the Essential concept that reunification is not ideal in all situations. To enrich those who provide Advocate services byways of education and resources. And finally, to provide Restoration for a balance required to support those in care of abused children while upholding a child’s rights to safety.

Tammy E. Risen/Administrator.

DEAR Social Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1159854537727295

Media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChzW8Z6vXc2gp8GthUHKQUA

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